Friday, December 15, 2017

And What Do YOU Want For Yule, Little Girl?

What do I want? It's not a long list, but the things on it are all important.

I want to be able to find a new place to rent in the first part of 2018 with minimal fuss. We have two small breed service dogs, in addition to Herself and Himself, and it's not an option of whether or not they come with us. Now, before you say anything about the Americans with Disabilities Act and service dogs, I will let you know that the Act states that a property owner must have at least four properties before that "Ya Gotta" provision enters into the equation.

No, apartments are not an option, either. We need a single family, single floor home, with at least three bedrooms, if not more. Preferably in a quiet neighborhood, not on a main street.

I want to be able to reliably schedule time to be able to sit and write when I need to write. At this point, that so-called "schedule" has been shaky and more than a little bit reliable. I miss that a lot.

I want my health to improve further, and I'll do what I can on my end to make that happen, but if Father Yule sprinkles a little Magic Elf Dandruff over me to make things go more smoothly, I won't complain too loudly.

And finally, and most importantly...

I want my daughter to get a decent raise and a calmer atmosphere at her job. She's stressed out all the time and it's not doing her health any good right now. If Father Yule feels it necessary to slam Certain Persons over the head with a little Magic Elf Carcass to make things go more smoothly, I won't complain too loudly about that, either.

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